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Zach Bryan Has A Favorite Taylor Swift Song

Zach Bryan may have just completed a meteoric rise from country to pop, but that doesn’t mean he lacks time to appreciate other musicians with country roots. In fact, the Billboard chart-topping singer just revealed that he’s a major fan of a certain Taylor Swift.

'Get In We're Going Crying'

Bryan recently revealed on Twitter how excited he was for Swift’s new album, Midnights, which debuted on October 21.


“Miss Swift, what are the vibes at midnight,” he tweeted. “Good morning everybody and happy almost weekend / Get in we’re going crying.” The clever lyricist got props for sneaking in a reference to the classic Mean Girls quote, “Get in loser, we’re going shopping.” That’s true ingenuity!

He Covers Taylor's Songs, Too

At that point, one of Bryan’s fans spoke up and asked him which of Swift’s songs was his favorite.


August, for sure,” Bryan said, referencing a popular song from Swift’s 2020 album Folklore.


Bryan then offered another juicy tidbit. According to Bryan, his girlfriend once asked him to cover Tim McGraw, which was Swift’s debut single in 2006. “Gf actually forces me to cover Tim McGraw for her so it’s all up in the air,“ he wrote.

Parallels Are Forming

Taylor Swift, of course, has been a prolific songwriter these past few years. In addition to Midnights, she also released Folklore and Evermore in 2020, as well as re-recordings of her classic albums Red and Fearless.


But Bryan has proven himself to be a prolific lyricist and musician in his own right. The Navy veteran and Oklahoma native has also been climbing the charts. In May, Bryan’s debut album American Heartbreak opened at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart, as well as No. 5 on the Billboard 200.


In addition, his single Something in the Orange has now been certified platinum and sits at No. 44 on the Country Airplay chart at Billboard.

'Deep Satin' Coming Soon

In July, Bryan followed up American Heartbreak with a nine-song EP Summertime Blues, which started strong at No. 7 on the Top Country Albums chart at Billboard. It was also placed at No. 2 on the chart covering Top Americana/Folk Albums.

Bryan also came back to Twitter recently, after a short hiatus, to announce that his new album Deep Satin (and the accompanying eponymous single) will be released in February 2023. Bryan first played the single during a recent performance in Franklin, Tennessee.

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