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Joyous Phillies Fan Climbs Pole And Shotguns Seven Beers, Is Arrested

There’s getting into the game, and then there’s getting into the game. Phillies fan Sean Hagan espoused the latter, a more intense version of “getting into the game” recently when he climbed a street pole after the Phillies vs. Padres game and proceeded to shotgun seven beers while halfway in the air.


But the incident, which was captured on Twitter and cemented Hagan as a local hero of sorts, led to more than Hagan had bargained for.

Celebrating In Style

The night started innocently enough: Hagan spent Oct. 23's Phillies vs. Padres game at Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse watching the game and drinking. Later, when the Phillies won the game, thus winning the National League Championship, Hagan felt so overcome with emotion that he ran outside and promptly climbed a street light pole.


“My friend bailed on me, she was too drunk,” Hagan told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I mean, I should have followed her lead, but Broad Street was calling my name.”

A Very Philly Crowd

Then, the crowd around Hagan began tossing him beers, which he did not hesitate to shotgun – despite the ring of cops forming beneath him. In fact, Hagan spent 30 minutes atop the pole while the rowdy crowd continued to egg him on.

“It couldn’t have happened without the crowd being so f—ing Philly,” Hagan said to the Inquirer. “What other city’s first thought when they see a guy on a pole would be to throw him a beer?”

Overall, Hagan called it an “unreal” experience. However, it was about to get very real indeed.

Just Like A Cat

Hagan felt incredible at first – like he could do anything. “Honestly, it was like the closest I’ll ever feel to being like Stone Cold Steve Austin,” he told the Inquirer. “If I could imagine what Stone Cold Steve Austin feels like when he has two beers in his hand chugging them in front of a crowd, that’s what I felt like.”


But unfortunately, Hagan hadn’t kept count of how many drinks he’d consumed – and after the crowd began to disperse, he realized he couldn’t get down from the pole.

“I kind of felt like a cat, honestly,” Hagan said. “I hear people talking sh—, ‘This dude had to use a ladder to get down.’ Yeah, you would too if you drank as much as I did.”

That’s when the fire department had to make a stop.

'People Call Me Crazy, But That’s Philly'

Later, Hagan faced the music. He was held in custody for an hour on the night of the incident, and on Wednesday, the police filed an affidavit charging him with conspiracy, riot, disorderly conduct, public drunkenness, and failure to disperse. Fortunately, Hagan was released after one night in jail.

“I’ve always been a little different, a little wild. People call me crazy, but that’s Philly,” said Hagan later. “We’re wild, we’re crazy, but as long as we go to work the next morning, we’re good.”

Speaking of which: Yes, Hagan was able to keep his job.

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