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Why Gwen Stefani Feels Bad For Blake Shelton Fans

Gwen Stefani has a word of sympathy for fans of her husband, Blake Shelton. In fact, she downright feels sorry for the many people who love him.

"He's brought so much joy. He's so talented," Stefani told Entertainment Tonight recently. "I know people just wait around to laugh and watch him on TV, so I feel sorry for everybody [that] he's gonna be gone."

Of course, Stefani is referring to Shelton’s impending exit from The Voice, which will take place after Season 23.

Finding His Voice Post-'Voice'

Stefani is still adjusting to her husband’s unemployment of sorts – as well as to his next job.

"It's so weird Blake Shelton is leaving The Voice. I wasn't ready, you know what I mean? I have to figure out who this new Blake's gonna be," Stefani told ET. "I'm just so proud of him."

After leaving The Voice, Shelton will join Voice host Carson Daly on Barmageddon, which the pair will executive produce and star in. On the show, the two will watch as their celebrity friends go head-to-head in wild bar games.

Good Times With Sheryl Crow

Luckily for her, Stefani will also make an appearance in the wacky game show.


"I'm gonna be on one of the [episodes]. I think I was his guinea pig," Stefani said of Barmageddon, which will premiere on USA Network on Dec. 5. "I was the first episode, me and Sheryl Crow. It's a fun show. [It's] completely different from The Voice. I mean, it's literally just people hanging out and doing games in a bar, so right up Blake's alley."

Showing Her Support

When ET spoke with her, Stefani was in attendance at the 2022 Matrix Awards in New York City, where she was being recognized for supporting other women and for inspiring future female leaders in her industry.


"Honestly I feel a little overwhelmed," she said. "It was just one of those [awards] that I didn't even really know existed... I obviously went and did the research after I found out. It's been going on for so long and it's just exciting. It's just one of those things where... you just can't really absorb it."

Lifting Each Other Up

Of course, Stefani was even more excited that her husband was at the event to support her.


"I'm so happy he's here. He works so much that having him do this extra is always a lot, but we had a date night last night. We went out for dinner [and] it was so fun," she said. "It's just so fun to be back in New York. It's just been so long. It's exciting to have him here as well."

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