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Florida Man Attempts To Ride Out Hurricane Ian ... In His Boat

Hurricane Ian may have descended upon Florida this week, but one Florida man remained undaunted. In a video he tweeted out on Tuesday, Twitter user @diegomrproducer showed himself preparing his boat for the heavy wind and rain conditions forecasted across southern Florida this week.

The Boat Comes First

In the video, @diegomrproducer insists that he has to "hold the fort" and make sure his large boat survives the onslaught of dangerous conditions. “I have to make sure that the ‘floating home’ makes it unharmed,” he adds. Meanwhile, the video shows other boat owners making preparations as the area's windy and rainy conditions grow in strength.

Hurricane Ian was predicted to make direct landfall on the west coast of Florida near the Tampa Bay region this week. However, much of the Sunshine State felt Ian's impact due to the storm's size. Evidence of this can be seen in @diegomrproducer's video on Twitter, which was filmed in the Bay of Biscayne off the coast of Miami.

Everyone Copes Differently

Meanwhile, around Florida, others found their own ways to prepare for -- or cope with -- the incoming storm.

In another video circulated online, a Marathon, Florida resident wakeboards through fresh floodwaters while being towed along by a car. The man whoops and hollers while making zigzags through the otherwise destructive flood.

But In All Seriousness...

Hurricane Ian swept by the Florida Keys Tuesday night after hitting Cuba with wind speeds of over 205 km/h. Meanwhile, several areas, especially Tampa, began more serious evacuation and preparation procedures. The storm was expected to hit Tampa on Wednesday.

Other Florida Men In The News This Week

Florida just wouldn't be Florida without a week's worth of offbeat stories, so of course there was another Florida man making headlines before Hurricane Ian came along. Earlier in the week, Michael Bochicchio, 31, was arrested by the Jupiter, Florida police department for chasing after a Sandhill crane and attempting to remove its feathers. Sandhill cranes are endangered species and protected by state law, thus making it illegal to touch them, harass them, or remove their body parts.

According to witnesses on the scene, onlookers tried to halt Bochicchio as he chased the crane through a public area. Another witness reported to officers that Bochicchio proffered feathers in the witness' face and asked if they wanted them. Ultimately, Bochicchio was detained and sent to Palm Beach County Jail.

But thanks to Hurricane Ian, that was not the most surprising story this week.

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